Monday, May 10, 2010

Pigs and Canceled Birthdays...

 "As good as it gets"....the two quotables just before Mothers' Day

We have been very busy!  Tim had an event this past weekend, so I took the opportunity to take the kids up to Maine to see the new piglet and chicks that my parents recently got.  It was a nice weekend with friends and family.  While there, we also got to see the World's Smallest Horse that was born in New Hampshire, not far from my parents!  Carter and Emilie got a kick out of that and loved all of the miniature horses, but especially 'Einstein'- the star of the show (the horse farm happened to be having an open house while we were there!).

Emilie proudly showing off her Einstein "Smallest Horse in the World" card
While in Maine, my dad gave Carter the difficult job of coming up with a name for the new piglet.  Carter did not take this lightly and spent two days coming up with what he thought would be the perfect name!  Well, here it is......Bologna (for those of you who need to sound it out "Bol-own-ee")!!!  I couldn't believe that is what he came up with!  What a ham (no pun intended)!

We are now back in Connecticut and are anticipating Carter's 4th birthday tomorrow!  He is so excited to be the birthday boy!  We will not have his official party until the 22nd, but he'll have cupcakes at school tomorrow.  Tonight as I was putting him in bed, I reminded him to stay in bed and that if he didn't go to sleep his birthday wouldn't come.  He replied ever so sweetly "Is God gonna cancel my birthday?!"
Our sweet boy reluctantly petting a miniature horse

We are so thankful for our precious son and the joy he brings to our lives.  We couldn't ask for a better child to raise.  We just can't believe it's been four years!  Happy Birthday, Carter Stephen!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Please Hold Your Applause...

This past weekend I had the wonderful privilege of going on the Women's Retreat held by our church.  It took place at a hotel in Hartford and I enjoyed every minute!  While I was away, Tim took the kids to Pennsylvania to see their Papa and Mimi!  They had a super fun time and were quick to tell me all about it during dinner!  While I was at my retreat, I received this picture on my cell phone of Emilie.  They were out to breakfast and this is what happened......who knew we had such a talented daughter?!!  Anyways, this just made me smile so much and I looked at it every day I was away from her!  What a HAM!!