Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The OTHER Easter story.....

So, first of all, here are my two goofs!  Right after my own heart.  Emilie is now sporting one of the worst baby mullets of all time.  Its cute because I can fit it in a ponytail, but she hates when I do that, so she pulls it out, revealing all of her stringy baby hair, that is quite long in the back.  Oh well.  Everyone assures me that it will grow out and look nice....and ultimately, they tell me not to cut it.  It actually looks cute on a normal day when I have a bow in it. 

We are doing the Resurrection Eggs as a family before Easter.  If you haven't heard of them, they are a great tool for kids to learn the story of Easter.  Yesterday we opened the egg with praying hands inside, which symbolizes when Jesus went to the garden to pray before his death.  Today, we recapped that story before moving on to the next egg.  While I was in the middle of my very serious moment with Carter, I asked him if he remembered the name of the place Jesus went to pray (Gethsemane) and I had to remind him.  Next thing I know, my precious moment of seriousness is ruined as Carter blurts out "Ohhhh, I thought he went to the HOTEL to pray."  I looked at Tim and tried not to break a smile, but MAN that is hard not to do!  Good thing we are only doing two eggs at a time because he can only make it through about 1 1/2 before I lose him completely.  Oh well- there is always tomorrow's egg.

Monday, March 29, 2010

And this is why I keep track.....

When Emilie woke up from her nap today, I sent Carter in to turn on her light and say hello.  Next thing I know, he's yelling "Call the Police!"  When I asked him why, he replied, "Because Emilie just threw this toy at me!" 

Let's hope this is not a sign of things to come.  Emilie is two years younger than him, but I have to say- she's been beating up on him an awful lot.  Even making him "cry".  About ten times a day I hear him yell, "She hit me on the head!" followed by "She hit me on the head again!"....and on and on.  I know it's horrible, but I can't help but smile!  She's only 20 months old!  I think she's going to be one tough cookie.

Starting Over....

So, it turns out I wasn't so good at blogging! I decided that my kids, however, were worth blogging about, so here is my second attempt! Carter is, on most days, the most entertaining and funny kid I know. I share most of his quotes and stories on my Facebook page, but I realized that so many of you were missing out, so I have decided to share those with you through this blog. Emilie is talking more and more each day, so I will begin to post her quotes and stories as they come, as well.

Because you have missed out on so much, I am starting by giving you a glimpse into the Carter- my most quotable kid! Here is a sample of some of my favorites:

6/15/09 We were doing devotions before bed and I was explaining that God made him (Carter) and that he was a miracle. He responded: "I'm not a miracle! I'm just a guy!"
7/22/09 We were talking about names and he asked me what my last name was. I told him it was Blow and he laughed and said "Nooooo, that's MY last name!"
9/18/09 Sadly, Carter started recognizing the UPS truck at an early age. On this particular day, it pulled up and he yelled "Look! The CVS truck is here!"
All the time- A good part of the time, when I ask Carter to do something he responds with "Aye Aye Captain!" or "Yes My Majesty!" He can be so fresh sometimes.....but it always makes me laugh!
10/25/09 This Sunday morning Carter was bringing offering to Sunday School for the first time. In the car on the way to church, he asked "Mommy, are we going to heaven to give my offering to God?"
11/2/09 While talking during dinner, Carter was randomly asking questions about the jungle. He asked who lived in the jungle and Tim jokingly told him Tarzan did. Carter then asked Tim, "Is that your cousin?"
11/18/09 Carter said to me one day "I wish I had a tail like a kangaroo." I said, "Well, God didn't make you with one- did he?" and he said, "Nope. Just my bum."
1/27/10 I had just gotten out of the shower and I went to sit on the couch next to Carter. He sniffed me and said "You smell good- did you put on some potion?!"
2/10/10 Carter asked me to play pretend with him and he wanted me to be his wife. He came in the room and said in a deep voice, "Where are my boots, wife?" to which I responded, "Over there, husband." He then switched back to his normal voice and seriously said, "Don't call me husband, call me dad."
2/21/10 We were asking Carter questions for fun. When we asked him who the President was he said "President Obama." When we asked him who was President before that he responded "President O'Bush!"
3/7/10 Tim's brother Jon got Carter a football coin bank for Christmas and it cheers and yells "Touchdown" when you put coins in. Carter was putting money in it one morning and he was so excited to come out to the kitchen to tell me, "It is saying "Hot Cowwww!"

I hope that you will all smile and be reminded of childhood every time you visit our blog. Carter and Emilie are so rewarding and I love being their mom and spending each day with them!