Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"The Dump"

Today Carter was walking around the house with a bucket and a hat on.  He would go back and forth between rooms pretending he was bringing his trash to the dump.  I found this so amusing.  Before the dump, he was "strawberry picking" with his "wife" (Emilie).  He's in a great imaginitive stage right now.

I love the fact that there was no shame in simply pretending to bring his trash to the dump.  No- it's not glamorous, but it's life.  Tim has to do that once in a while.  I have to say, I think the reason I found it so great is that I used to go to the dump with my dad every Saturday.  And can I tell you a secret?  When I am at my parents' house even at my age.....if I'm there on a weekend and have the opportunity, I STILL make my dad wait for me so I can go to the dump with him.  Why is it that those are the memories that stay with us?!  It's those small things that we remember.  Not the toys we had or the what's-her-name that was at our tenth birthday party.....or the grades we got or that time we sat in a time-out.  It's the everyday moments we share with our children that they will remember.  One thing Carter loves is going to the Home Depot with Tim, among many things.  And I love that 

We will never be perfect parents, but may our children remember the time we spent with them and how we spent it.......whether at home or at the dump.

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